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BPA-Free Canned Organic Tomatoes

BPA-Free Canned Organic Tomatoes

It baffles me why anyone would take beautiful organically grown tomatoes and can them in tins lined with BPA. I was disappointed in the Our Compliments & President's Choice brand canned tomatoes as the cans contain BPA. On my quest for organic canned tomatoes without BPA here in Canada, I found the Thomas Utopia brand. Not only do they offer organic canned tomatoes in BPA-free cans, their tomatoes are red, firm, free from peels and much nicer tasting then any others I have tried.

According to their quality control technician, they do have both types of can (lined and unlined) so you will need to check the codes on the cans...

In BPA-Free cans of Organic tomatoes...

"We offer diced, whole and Crushed w Basil all in size 28 oz

cans. As well as 14 oz diced. The embossed codes are as
follows--Diced would start with XB or YB, Whole is
WT691-10270 - 10274, Crushed w Basil is CB.
Let me know if there is anything else."

Tracey Coleman
Food Safety and Quality Control Technician
Thomas Canning (Maidstone) Ltd.
Ph.: 519-737-1531
Fax: 519-737-7003

So if you like canned tomatoes without a serving of BPA, look for this brand or ask your local store to carry this line of products.

Do you know of any other BPA-free canned organic tomatoes?

UPDATE 2014:

Utopia has not been consistent with providing BPA-free cans.
I now purchase Kirkland Organic Tomatoes at Costco, a better price, great tasting tomatoes and they are in BPA-free cans!


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