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Stick Star Ornaments | DIY

Stick Star Ornaments

I mentioned several times in the blog about my  metal Christmas Tree. 

 I found that the sap in the house from a real tree was too overpowering for my sensitivities and the imitation trees all had plastics and PVC which also caused reaction.  We were getting tired of a dead stick when I came across this 88" tall ornament tree from Improvements Catalog and they ship in the US and Canada.

That was two Christmases ago and while I now have a nice tree I only have cheap glass ornaments.  I wanted some ornaments more fitting to the simple style so I decided to fill the tree with handmade rustic ornaments.

I made some easy stars using cut tree branches and here is how you can do it:

What you will need:
Garden pruners
Trees that need small branches trimmed
Some wire
Wire cutters
Jute or hemp twine

Next gather 5 sticks of similar diameter and trim them to the same length:

Tie the ends of two sticks together with wire and repeat for another two sticks.  Now you have two sets of sticks tied together plus one single stick:

Open the sticks which are tied together to form two "V"'s and cross them over as pictured below:

Now wire the ends of the sticks where they meet in the bottom right. then place the last stick across forming the star and wire the remaining two points together and tie some jute rope at the top for hanging:

I made several in all sizes:

Have fun!


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