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Sequined Twig Tree | DIY

This little project is so cute I may keep them out year round.  I like how the sequins and the copper on the pot glitter in the sunlight.

What I used:

A branch trimmed from a deciduous tree.
Some salt clay (1 part salt to two parts flour and enough water to make a firm dough) You could also use green foam but I prefer to use readily available materials.
A few beach rocks
A terracotta pot
A copper pot scrubber
A package of iridescent green sequins

Unroll the copper scrubber and stretch it over the clay pot, trim any excess from the bottom.  One scrubber covered two 5" clay pots.

Stick your foam or salt clay in the bottom of the pot the secure the branch and add rocks to the top of the clay surrounding and securing the branch.  Let this dry by a heater overnight until hard.

You may need to use a knife to widen the hole in your sequins then snap each sequin over the edge of a branch bud.

That's it.


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