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Salt Clay Ornaments & Jewelry Box | DIY

Another little simple project I did this year was salt clay ornaments.  

I was inspired by the wonderful salt clay ornaments on the YouTube video below.

All you need is:
1 part salt
2 parts flour
3/4 parts water
A few cloves
Toothpicks for shaping
Extra water for sticking

For the pears I used a little spinach powder in the dough & for the apples I added beet & spinach powder.

Simply shape the dough into the shapes you like, wet and insert a clove into the bottom and another on top also make a loop with your wire then wet it and place it in the top.

I then also shaped an oval box and lid with the leftover white dough to make a Victorian style box.

I let them dry overnight on foil above the heater on a window ledge. then baked them for 1 hour in the convection oven on 300.  I left them natural without any varnish or paint.

Another fun project to do with kids with simple ingredients.

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