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Organic Oriole Ornament | DIY

I had loads of fun making these lovely Victorian style ornaments from recycled paper...

What I used:

-Old fliers from an organic magazine (you can use old book pages, catalogs, magazines, cards...)
-Sturdy mache glue
 1 part gelatin, 1 part salt, 4 parts organic flour (I've also used corn starch in the past) and enough water to make a gluey paste.
-Template of a bird body and wing cut from construction paper.
-Strong English breakfast tea
-Organic cotton twine
-Some tiny twigs
-Gold gel-ink pen

First cut a template of a bird and a wing from some construction paper, or sturdy paper like a cereal box.

Mix your glue in one container and your tea in another and get everything gathered together:

Next trace the bird and wings on three layers of paper and cut them out. 

You will need two bird body layers and three wing layers for each ornament.

Next, using your paintbrush cover the underside of one bird cutout with the glue, avoiding the tail area and place a glob of glue at the belly and the neck of the other bird cutout.  Place the organic string at the neck and the feet at the belly:

Now place one cutout over the other and press together avoiding the tail.  then layer on the wings staggering each a little:

With the handle of your paintbrush curl the top layer of the tail and curl the top two wing tips:

Swish the paintbrush in some strong tea and paint over the entire bird 
(there may still be a little glue on the brush but that is fine):

Lay the bird on a cooling rack over a warm place to dry then add the final touches of gold around the perimeter with a gel ink pen and a little twig of seeds in its beak:

I finished 8 of these in about an hour last night they were very hard and durable this morning:

These were simple, cheap, fun and I love the final result.


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