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Organic Fruit & Spices Ornaments | DIY

Organic fruit & spices ornaments

Yesterday morning it was sunny but crisp, we went for a nice walk in the woods and collected Japanese larch cones for this project, we came home took a nap had a nice roast chicken dinner with chocolate brownies that Dh baked (Big hand to Zuki for his first time baking) then I got out the supplies to make these cute little ornaments that smell fantastic!

The day before I used a mandoline and thinly sliced a large organic orange, two medium organic apples and an organic kiwi.  I placed them on wire cooling racks and placed an additional rack on top of them to keep them from curling while drying.  I placed them in my convection oven on 150 for two hours.  I then turned off the oven, cracked the door and let them sit there overnight.  They were so crispy in the morning I had a hard time keeping Zuki from eating all the sweet apples.

For assembling the ornaments I used:

Dried organic kiwi, apples, oranges & tiny rosehips
Small cones from larch trees
Organic cinnamon sticks & Bay leaves from Mountain Rose Herbs
A needle
Mache glue from the Paper Oriole project
Clothes pins

I simply gathered the fruit slices together in a cluster and sewed the fruits together using a gold seed bead or a combination of seed bead and rosehip each time I passed through the front, keeping all of the thread showing on the back.  Once sewed together I exited the thread at the top portion of the ornament, placed two to three seed beads at the top then tied a loop in the thread and cut it from the needle.

Now you can turn the ornament over and you have stitching showing on the back.  Simply use the mache glue to attach a bay leaf to cover the stitching and carefully place a clothespin over the bay leaf until the glue dries.  Remove the clothespin and you have another simple and lovely scented ornament.

Look at how beautiful it looks when the light shines through the dried fruit:

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health & Harmony Com

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