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Organic Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe | Sprouted bread

While I don't have celiac or gluten intolerance, 
I tend to stay away from bread, I do break down once in a while and have a sandwich made with either Food for Life Ezekiel sprouted grain bread or 
the wonderfully soft Multi-grain organic bread from Ace Bakery.

For my egg salad sandwich I used the soft organic Ezekiel bread. 
 Simply hard boil one free-range organic egg, peel it and mash it together with a small dollop of organic grass fed butter, 1 heaping tablespoon of fresh organic mayo, some fresh cracked organic black pepper from Mountain Rose Herbs and a tsp of organic relish. Spread it on the bread and cut into triangles.  Ok I added another dollop of relish for good measure. :)


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