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From Rags To Retro | Clothing Remake Tank To Tunic

I don't have a sewing machine 
as I have tried several and I find they either stink of plastic or they are hard to control.
So this was done by hand.

I tend to be heavy footed so a touch of the pedal and away goes the machine eating my fabric.  I am now looking for a vintage Singer treadle sewing machine, I think this may just be exactly what I need and they look pretty darn cool too.

So for now I do small projects which I can hand sew.  Recently my organic cotton pillow case got torn and it had lovely eyelet lace on the edge.  I also had a cute tank top that was a little short to wear with leggings as I prefer a tunic length to cover the butt.

So I re-purposed both the pillowcase and the short tank to become a vintage style tunic tank and I now love it.

Here is the tank before:

I simply turned it inside out and followed along the current 
surged seam sewing the eyelet to the inside:

Then flipped it to the outside and pressed it:

Ta Da!!

A simple way to spice up an old tank and make use of a torn pillow case :)

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