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DIY Trinket Boxes | Scrap Lumber Project

Hey all.  This year I’m building some trinket boxes for our friend’s little girls and my brother’s little girl.

Colorful Canary drafted up a set of plans and gave them to me.

The plans call for the box to be made out of ½" wood.
 I had this piece of 2×12 spruce in the garage that was relatively clear of knots.

Before I took it to the band saw to rip it into two ¾ inch boards
I cut the board in half on the table saw to make it more manageable.

I then ripped the board on the bandsaw. This was the first time that I had ever used the ripping blade for any large piece of board. It was much easier than anticipated. I made sure that I had a support for the board so it would not sag or bind the blade after it was cut. And I used a sacrificial piece of board to push it the last few inches. I am super careful around the BS after it bit me earlier this year.
I then used the planer to take the BS marks out of the boards and get them to a uniform 1/2 thickness.
I then cut all the pieces to width using the Mitre Saw.

And did the final cutting using the table saw

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.
Two sided tape to hold the sides together for cutting.

Sides stuck together and marked for cutting.

Front part of the box cut from the sides.
 I used the BS as it removed the lease amount of material.

Back laid in place.

Sides and back attached.

Front of the box assembled.

Test fitting the front.

3/4” brass hinges & most of the pieces for the drawers.

I’m at the final stages of the build.

The next step was to assemble the drawers. Nothing fancy . . . I just butted the pieces together with a little homemade glue and nailed them them with 23g pin nails. The button pull on the front are actually oak button plugs that I had left over from another project. I drilled a hole through the drawer front (after finding the center), drilled a hole in the back of the pull and then screwed it on from the back of the drawer front.

DW then reminded me that she wanted a place for springy hair clips (a dowel) in the box. A quick measurement, a little sanding, and two brads had each one in place.

In the picture below you will see all sorts of little smudges on the boxes . . . that is my home made non-toxic wood filler. Its gelatin and sawdust. It has worked for me quite well on other projects as a nail hole and gap filler. This project was a little more challenging as the holes left by the 23g pin nails were so small that it was difficult to get any material in the holes. I guess I will see how it works when I sand off the excess.

One last push and they are done.
Here is the box with the dried homemade wood filler.

Here it is sanded. Not to bad. Some of the holes were a little to tiny to hold the filler . . .
but that’s ok. I will know for next time.

Boxes with nameplates attached. Colorful Canary purchased the plates on-line for next to nothing. Its the second year we purchased engravings from this guy and they have been quality both times. The screws did not come with the plates. They are #4 Robinson wood screws 1/2” long. I should have put the drawers in place before taking the pictures as the boxes look a little out of wack.

Colorful Canary added a few mirrors.
Then she added all the little girl goodies.
I hope they like them.


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