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DIY Christmas Ornaments | Scrap Lumber Project

Zuki has been making these simple wooden ornaments 
for the last three Christmases...
Below is his tutorial:

Each year doing a different one.  I am currently working on a reindeer and sleigh.
Here are a few ornaments from the past years:

DW selected these three styles from options that we found on-line. I cut the templates from plastic water bottles that cannot be recycled.

DW assisted me in tracing out the blanks. Here are 30 to be cut out.

I spent quite a bit of time at the scroll saw. I have played with this tool on and off the last couple of years, however it was not until today that I finally got the knack of working with it.  

Sample of three ornaments.

Some time later . . ..

Next is some sanding, drilling a few holes and stringing them for hanging.

And three more:

Not quite the nativity scene with a moose, malamute (husky) and rooster, but they are neat just the same.
The moose is for my father, the dog for my brother and the rooster for DW.
I’m liking this scroll saw stuff.

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