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Oooh Awwww, The holiday season is just around the corner and so are the pretty counters full of fragrances that hit you smack in the face around ever corner in every mall and superstore. 

Customers peering at the dazzling glass bottles adorned with shiny tops of gold and silver in every color shape and size bottle imaginable searching for that perfect romantic gift to say "I love you".  Or to cover themselves in a mist or a dab of instant alluring attraction. Seductive names, popular celebrity branding, because of course you'd be just as sexy as they are if you wear their fragrance...yup sure you will.

I wonder how many people would find it romantic to receive a beautifully packaged bottle of  Damning Disease, Carnal Carcinoma,  Asthma Allure, Voluptuous Obesity... Hmmm sexy.

A recent study shows just that...Those popular fragrances contain disgusting ingredients, toxic chemicals - Just about as romantic and alluring as toxic waste.   That bottle of gold could be making you old. Toxins hidden behind the scents in perfumes have been found to cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation both for the wearer and anyone in the same vicinity.   Your perfume likely contains chemicals linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid problems or obesity among others...That's enough isn't it?

Who the heck wants to emit this kind of toxic junk? Ewww

Unless you intend on hurrying off the one your with to an early grave; and yourself in the process, I highly suggest that you learn about perfumes and the ingredients in them.

Don't be fooled by companies who say "Inspired by nature".  Inspirations do not have good intentions.  So someone was inspired by a beautiful exotic flower then had a cheap toxic chemical formulated to imitate the fragrance to some degree - Yuck.

Even ones that state "Made with organic & natural ingredients" are most often also made with many other ingredients which can be toxic.

There are so many choices out there for truly exotic, completely natural, delicious scents I actually got tired of sifting through them all and have listed many here below.  Show someone just how much you care buy purchasing clean pure scents.  Read the ingredients and make sure you buy only completely natural organic fragrances for loved ones.

Custom Fragrance

For me, I have a philosophy that if I can't eat it I won't put it on my skin so I prefer to make my own perfumes.

If you want something extra special, craft your own signature scent or a scent for your loved one using simple organic edible ingredients.. Now that's a kissable idea.

Simply purchase a beautiful bottle and start blending organic extracts until you have your favorite scent.

Extracts can be "watered down" with a little organic alcohol such as vodka.

If you want to get real fancy you can blend your own flavor oils from Natures Flavors for the fruity tones with organic essential oils from Mountain Rose.  Oils can be diluted with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil.

Only use certified organic extracts and pure essential oils.  "Perfume Oils" and "Fragrance oils" which are not organic can contain synthetic ingredients.

Buying the Best

Not everyone wants to be that creative and you can purchase so many wonderful healthy natural perfumes you should not have a problem finding the right scent.

ScentNatural allows you to almost instantly create your own perfume and even pick the bottle and label (Oooh you can custom name the perfume for your loved one).  They claim that all of their blends are completely natural and certified organic.  Because they don't offer a complete ingredient list (possible due to custom blending) I would ask for the ingredients which will be in my final product.

*Always be sure to ask companies for a "complete" ingredient list as some only provide a few of the ingredients.

Strange Invisible Perfumes Have a wide range of perfumes which are100% certified organic grape alcohol (beverage-grade) and a proprietary blend of ethically sourced essential oils being Certified Organic, Wildcrafted, Biodynamic, or Pesticide-free.  They have 22 different scents to choose from.  Some of these are available through my Safe Store.

Another series of perfumes also available though my Safe Store is "A" Perfume.   All of the ingredients in their blends are USDA Certified Organic and are Handmade in Manhattan.  Scents include "Green", "White", "Rose" & "Urban".

An economical choice in a certified organic perfume is one of the 12 roller applicator simple blends from Amrita. Exotic scents, pure and organic in simple blends and a convenient purse size bottle would make a perfect stocking stuffer.

Aubry Organic has four distinct fragrances made with 98% certified organic ingredients.  From exotic and sophisticated to energetic and youthful; from everyday luxury to special occasion chic. Irresistible natural fragrances to suit every woman’s style. 

A full range of certified organic eau de perfumes that contain essential oils which have active aromacology properties. Acorelle's fragrances allow even the most sensitive to experience pure, rich scents minus synthetic fragrances or chemicals. Acorelle's organic fragrances work in synergy with your body's chemistry, creating a uniquely stunning scent. All 7 scents can be purchased in my Safe store.

Another extremely popular organic perfume is Ginger Essence by Origins.  I was unable to find the ingredients list online and would email them for a complete ingredient list if I were to decide to purchase this.  They do claim to be 100% natural, organic ingredients, and made without toxic chemicals.

Red Flower comes in three scents offered in roll-on style or perfume concentrate. Red Flower perfumes are pure flower and herb distillations. Hand and wild crafted in USDA certified organic concentrate. Some are available in my Safe Store.

These look fabulous.  If I were to try an organic perfume this little gems "Blissoma BLENDS" scream fresh and youthful.  A great review was already written on Treehugger.  Six scents in total divided by season.  The Spring/Summer blends include  Luscious Sunshine, Twitter Painted & Sweet Nothings.  The Winters are Belov'd, Earthly Delight & Sweet Something. Sample sizes are also available.

And lastly this unique line of organic perfumes with beautiful earthy bottles are made by Sharini in 4 earthy scents including Musk, Amber, Jasmine and Iris, they are certified organic. "At Sharini, we care deeply about the environment and its wealth. We use the finest ingredients directly from organic producers to offer you the luxury of our friendly planet." 

They have a full line of unique and beautiful products including
6ml extracts in adorable bottles and natural pendant jewelery perfumes.

Whichever you decide, if you love yourself, you sweetie and the planet be sure to read the ingredients, buy only 100% natural pure and organic products and wear them lightly to respect those with scent sensitivities.  Don't choke and overwhelm with your scent, scents should leave a light fresh whispering impression.

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