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Baked Organic Nachos Recipe

There is no real recipe to this recipe...
It's a simple gluten-free alternative to pizza!
A big 'ol pan of baked nachos.

I use organic blue corn chips because blue corn is much higher in antioxidants, actually has about 20% more protein and is lower on the glycemic index than yellow or white corn not to mention it has a nuttier taste which is very nice.

I simply layer some organic blue corn chips on the bottom of a cookie sheet and top with a bunch of my favorite toppings. These pictured have:

Organic hot salsa
Organic green onions
Organic green peppers
Organic olives
Organic tomatoes 

Free range chicken breasts ground with organic spices and cooked ahead of time.

Lactose-free organic cheese

Use what you like and whatever is fresh and in season. 

Bake on 350 for about 10 minutes until cheese melts.


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