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It would be nice to have some special 
liqueurs for the holidays, 

a little organic rum for fresh eggnog or a sip of something warm or even fruity to help kill some teeth pain I've been having.

I went on a web prowl for organic spirits and found some very interesting stuff out there, I know nothing about alcohols so I'm just going by flavor description and pretty bottles :) I just need to see if our local stores can import any of these:

 Made by hand in the outskirts of Temperance Michigan with organic ingredients.

They have a full line of flavors, some very unique, including elderflower, cucumber, apple spice ginger, tres chiles, dark chocolate, chipolte, pomegranate, blueberry, coffeehouse, blood orange & yumberry.

The liqueurs are packaged in lightweight, recyclable glass bottles and the labels are made from recycled materials.

For those who love Baileys, I have found an organic Irish Cream. Bloom Mountain is an organic Irish cream liqueur made with the finest organic ingredients. I was unable to find the manufactures site anymore and have only found one site offering it. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see this imported to Canada. This product looks awesome. There are apparently two distributors for Canada for some Irish products so I will be contacting them soon. One is Whitehall in QC
I also came across this article with the contact information for the manufacturer PG Brogan & Company. "Pat Brogan, PG Brogan & Company; tel: +353 46 909 2007; fax: +353 46 9907 2154; mobile +353 (0) 8680 92757, email:"

I'm not a huge vodka fan but it's nice to have organic vodkas available.
Here are a few I found:

Prairie Organic Vodka is made with organic yellow corn in Minnesota.

Schramm is an organic Canadian vodka handcrafted from organic potatoes and pure mountain water in BC, Canada.

Square One is an organic rye based vodka beautifully bottled and made in California.

I wasn't going to get into wines as there are just so many organic wines on the market now and I am not a huge fan of wine, however this Canadian-made honey wine looks very intriguing.

Meadow Vista offers a line of organic wines made with certified organic honey.

GreenBar Collective offers an amazing complete line of organic spirits from TRU flavored vodka, Gin infused with organic botanicals, Silver and spiced Rum, Fruit Lab flavored liqueurs, Organic herbal Bitters and they will soon offer organic tequila.

Ok, so I would like to try everything... That should keep me pain-free for quite a while LOL. If anyone knows of Canadian distributor for any of these products, or any other interesting organic spirits please leave a comment below.

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