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What Do Jam, Potatoes, A Spider & A Frog Have In Common? | Jam Recipe

Nothing Really...

I had a challenging year with the garden.  I didn't have much time to tend to it earlier in the season since most of my time was dedicated to our new house.  Slugs ravished many new seedlings, the carrot seeds I bought did not germinate, not even one and all my josta berries & currants were eaten by bluejays.  The farm sold me the wrong variety of tomato plants and many things got taken over by weeds.

The up side, there was a lot of wildlife enjoying the garden including a cute young rabbit who visits each evening to frolic in the organic grass, have a munch, stretch and he even sprawls out laying down having a relaxing time.  I had a decent harvest of wild blackberries and still have many more on their way to ripening.

I found this interesting spider in among my bowl of picked blackberries.

I tend to only make one jar of jam at a time as I need it rather than bottling a lot.  I prefer to freeze excess berries then use the frozen berries for nice warm fresh jam as needed.  Making a small batch of jam only takes minutes.

Simple Jam Recipe:

1Cup of fresh or frozen organic berries or fruit.
2tbs organic cane sugar
Simmer on low heat in a saucepan until thick (frozen berries may take a little longer)
Do not add water or anything else.

I also discovered that slugs are not partial to endive and corn grows well next to it.  I will be planting a perimeter of endive next year.  I am not overly fond of this green but the chickens love it so they have been feasting daily on fresh endive greens.

Paris Island cos lettuce has done very well and I got a decent few potatoes out of a small patch.  Oh and I grew a tiny musk melon which I am proud of but honestly it didn't taste great, the chickens loved it.

I had a nice harvest of beets and bottled a few of them for thanksgiving dinner.  They turned out very nice using organic white wine vinegar and I will post the recipe later.

I also picked a massive amount of chanterells and sun dried them.

Today we found a tiny frog resting on a pair of coveralls under a hat in our basement stairs, he was happy to be picked up and handled my me so I took the opportunity for a photo shoot then he hopped away under a cluster of chives.

How sweet is this...Snuggling in some old coveralls.
 Happy Little frog

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