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Organic Herb Potatoes & Coleslaw Recipe

I could eat this every day
One of my favorite dishes served as a side to almost anything.

For the herb potatoes:

Serves 4 as a side dish

Wash a cut into french fry shape 4 large potatoes, leave the skins on.

Place on a safe baking pan and cover with 2 tbs of organic olive oil.

Rub 2 tsps of herb blend on oiled potatoes (see below) and bake on 400 for 15 minutes.

Herb blend:

In a small jar mix together the following organic seeds & spices from mountain Rose Herbs:

2 tbs organic sesame seeds
1 tsp each of the following organic spices:
Onion flakes
Garlic minced
Onion powder
Cayenne powder
Black pepper
Chili powder

For the coleslaw:

Grate one head of organic cabbage, 1/2 organic medium onion, 4 large carrots.
Mix in 3 tbs of vinegar and 1 tbs of honey, a pinch of celtic salt and pepper.

For the mayo:

Put two grass fed organic egg yolks in a blender and start blending on high speed.
Slowly drizzle in 2 tsp of organic apple cider vinegar. Slowly add 1/4 cup of organic sunflower oil (use a little more if not thick enough) once a thick mayonnaise consistency turn off the blender and add: 1 tbs organic cane sugar, 1/2 tsp yellow organic mustard, 1/4 tsp each of organic onion, garlic and cayenne powder. Blend until smooth.

Mix the mayo with the cabbage/carrot blend and let sit for 20 minutes before serving.

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