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Gum Abscess | No fun

To make a long story short, I never went to a dentist for 11 years...

All was fine actually except for one cavity resulting in the need for a wisdom tooth extraction last year, since that time it seems as if I have been living in the dentists office. During the extraction, I pointed out a red spot on my upper left cuspid, the dentist thought it may have been a small cavity but once he drilled it he realized it was a nerve. This was new to him and I was not willing to get a root canal so he caped it over with some filling material.
I started researching these marks and found it to be a common occurrence in people with bruxism (tooth grinding) which I have along with being a daytime clencher.

Anyway, after a year or so the filling popped off and back to another dentist I go, again, they were not sure what to do with me and as I do not want to lose the tooth but at the same time I don't want a root canal (I'll tell you why I am against root canals another time but you can do a little reading here) They decided to fill it with a different material.

By the time the filling was placed I asked that they not file it as the tooth was extremely sensitive due to the irritated nerve.

The filing is not pretty and looks like a bit of plaque but at least I still have the tooth. Unfortunately due to the filling being so close the the gum-line ether the filling itself irritated my gums or something got trapped between the gum-line and the filling and caused an abscess....totally not fun.

I waited a day but the pain and abscess got worse. I am now taking Amoxicillin and feel tired so I need to rest and let this heal. This is the first time in 5 years that I have needed antibiotics but I'm glad I decided to go ahead with them in this case.

So if you want to know what an abscess on the gums looks like here is a pic of my tooth...grose I know but educational at least:

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