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Health Benefits Of Capsicum | Spicy Cayenne Gets Hotter

I love Cayenne. It's hot and slightly sweet sensation is incredible added to almost any dish. 

 One of my most favorite ways to consume cayenne is in a simple winter drink I make. A hot dark cocoa powder sweetened with a little raw honey a dash of cinnamon with a kick of cayenne smolder together in hot water for a great way to add some heat to a cold winter day.

It is not only delicious but it is an amazing herb with fantastic medicinal properties.

Cayenne, also known as capsicum can reduce symptoms and even cure severe chronic allergic and non-allergic including asthma, bronchitis, coughs, colds, sore throats and other respiratory disorders.

Capsicum is a very effective treatment for Arthritis as it is a strong anti-inflammatory. Asthma, like arthritis, will benefit greatly from the use of capsicums, again, due to its anti-inflammatory action as well as its expectorant properties, a warm tea made from cayenne pepper to be used in breaking up congestion in the nose, head and sinuses.

This spicy treat is also said to prevent and cure autoimmune bowel disorders like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. It can protect the body against some chemicals that can cause cancer and induce cell mutations.

It helps flush out bacteria and viruses responsible for the cold or flu by causing eyes to water, skin to sweat, nose to run, and lungs to discharge. This rush of fluids from the body carries out the invisible microbes responsible for such infections.

Cayenne strengthens and relaxes the heart, dilates the circulatory system, and clears accumulated debris. Over the long run, a seriously diseased heart can return to near normal with the regular use of Cayenne pepper. Capsicum also dramatically improves blood flow to the heart and lowers blood pressure.

What's even more amazing, if you have a little cayenne on hand it has helped to cease on coming heart attack, a small amount under the tongue, usually within a couple of minutes the heart attack will have ceased.

Cayenne softens the arteries, dilates the circulatory system, strengthens the heart, and cleans the inner walls of the circulatory system. It protects against blood clot formation by causing an increase in fibrinolytic (clot-dissolving) activity of the red blood cells.

This little chili has even been shown to help prevent cholesterol associated heart diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

Capsicum peppers are known for their strong hypoglycemic actions. For diabetes mellitus the recommended dose of cayenne is ½ tsp daily with meals.

Did you know that contrary to common belief, capsicums actually help the stomach. When given regularly it increased the flow of protective mucus within the gut, thereby helping to heal stomach ulcers. It is one of the best things that can be used to produce a natural digestion of the food, which will nourish the body.

Due to the vibrant color, cayenne functions as an excellent antioxidant which diminishes the potentially harmful actions of the free radicals. Utah Herbalist Dr. John R. Christopher was a strong proponent of cayenne pepper, believing it to stop bleeding better than anything else in the plant kingdom.

QUOTE: “The healing power of nature is in the blood and to accelerate the blood is to accelerate the healing power of nature and I am convinced that there is nothing that will do this like cayenne pepper; you will find it applicable in all cases of sickness.” Priddy Meeks, pioneer doctor, Utah, 19th Century.

Another great little recipe is for cayenne oinment...

This ointment made by combining one part cayenne pepper powder with five parts of melted coconut oil. The mixture is then thoroughly blended and allowed to cool until thick again.

You can apply this salve topically to injured skin or muscle tissue once a day for about a week.

It is said that the topical application of capsicum cream is quite safe and very effective in the treatment of pain ordinarily observed in patients experiencing diabetic neuropathy and diabetic polyneuropathy.

Other conditions healed by capsicum ointment include: Arthritis, cold feet, frostbite, bruises, boils, cuts, itching, lumbago, nerve inflammation, neuralgia, psoriasis. Do not get capsicum in the eyes!

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