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Surviving The Dentist | Natural Treatments For Recovery

I just survived a second trip to the dentist...

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Last time I went, was the first time in 10 years and I had let a few of my cavities go too far and ended up losing my top 3rd molar on the right because of my neglect. 

This time my left second and third molar both had small but deep caries and an amalgam filling which needed to be replaced with a composite.

First of all let me say that if you have sensitivities and/or have dental anxiety it is extremely important that you find a dentist willing to work with your needs. I searched several dentists, many of which never got past a phone call, before I finally found a dentist open to my requirements.

I had my mother present as she has been practicing homeopathy for many years and is in the process of becoming a Naturopathic doctor. She had remedies on hand just in case I needed them.

Before the appointment I ensured that the office had latex free gloves and equipment. I also asked for epinephrine free anesthetic to be available.

Epinephrine is used in dental anesthetic to increase the duration of the numbing (Makes it last longer) However, it can cause anxiey, flushing, hyperventilation, rapid heart rate or palpitations as well as welling, itching, or hives.

It is also possible for a person to experience an allergic reaction to preservatives added to the epinephrine in the local anesthetics. Methylparabens are the most common preservatives added to multi-use vials of local anesthetics. Allergy to methylparabens, while still uncommon, is far more common than true allergy to local anesthetics themselves.

Both times I had lenghtly visits with only a very small amount of epinephrine-free anesthetic and they lasted long enough for both my 1 hour and 2 hour procedures. Another benefit is that you recover from that horrible numb-face feeling much faster. I was fully unfrozen by the time I left the office.

I made my own topical anesthetic by crushing 6 organic cloves in 1 tbs of organic olive oil in a mortar and pestle then I let it sit over night. The morning of my appointment I strained it and poured it it a little glass bottle for the dentist to use prior to inserting the needle.

This stuff is amazing! I didn't even feel the pinch of the needle and it's all natural.

The dental topicals contain many synthetic ingredients. These numbing gels most commonly benzocaine as well as artificial flavorings and preservatives.

Cloves have been used for their anesthetic properties for centuries. Studies show that clove oil is just as efficient in killing pain as benzocaine.

To help your body recover faster from dental procedures the following protocol is recommended by my mother:

1) At least two days prior and two days after procedure avoid all sugar
and milk, limit all processed foods and most grains especially wheat.
Eat a high protein diet. Take a high quality probiotic. Eat raw
garlic (not too much as this increases surgical bleed times), flax
seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, raw nuts, wild salmon, eggs and take extra
magnesium and zinc. Take a full spectrum digestive enzyme with foods.

I don't eat sugar, processed food or wheat. I followed most of this although I did not take probiotics or digestive enzymes.

2) Before leaving for the dentist if your are apprehensive take
Gelsemium. This remedy can help to ease the apprehension and anxiety
that often precede a visit to the dentist. The person may tremble and
feel weak from dread, develop a headache (in the back of the head and
the muscles of the neck), or feel mentally dull and lethargic.

I am a fan of Rescue Remedy, so for about 1 hour before leaving for the dentist I started drinking water with rescue remedy in it. I use one dropper full for 4 ounces of water. In total I drank 12 ounces of water and 3 droppers of Rescue Remedy.

3) Just prior to procedure take one dose of 2 capsules of activated charcoal.

This helps detox especially for amalgam removal.

4) Have a bottle of clean water close by for thorough rinsing once procedure is
finished. Ask that the assistant continue to suction mouth and throat
well throughout the procedure and to keep area cool. Breathe through
your nose and try not to swallow. After dentistry is finished very
thoroughly rinse mouth multiple times and spit over and over and then
take one final dose of two activated charcoal capsules.

I did the above and also emptied 2 capsules of charcoal into a 2 oz bottle of water. After the amalgam was removed and before the new filling was inserted I rinsed with the charcoal slurry.

5) Recovery Homeopathics:

This remedy is known for its soothing effect when nerves or
nerve-filled body areas are injured. Shooting, jabbing pains are often
felt. Hypericum is very useful after oral surgery, especially root

Arnica- Use to control bruising, reduce swelling and promote recovery after local trauma.

Because of the location of the work I had done, when I arrived home my face was pulsating with pain, my jaws are stiff and I couldn't even sleep.

I took a dose of arnica which never worked well, I repeated taking doses until I felt some improvement. It is very important when taking homeopathic remedies to stop taking them at the first sign of improvement...Remember that with homeopathy "like cures like" so if you take another dose while in the improvement flow, you can reverse that improvement. You should continue to slowly improve like I did.

I still had nerve pain due to the cavities being so deep. after the second dose (15 minutes apart) of Hypericum I felt slight improvement in pain and throughout the evening the pain continued to subside.

I also sipped on water throughout the evening which contained Bio XII cell salts. 4 tablets per 4 ounces of water. I drank a total of 12 tablets in 12 ounces of water.

Other recommendations from Mom which I am using:

Once home take one silicea to help push out any toxic residue that may
have entered bloodstream. Thirty minutes later take one arnica to aid
in healing and 30 minutes after that take one hypericum (see above).
Eat something with fresh garlic before bed and the next day gradually
increase garlic consumption working up to to three raw chopped cloves
daily. Begin taking vitamin C (Ester C) 500 mg. with each meal and
400 IU of natural vitamin E with mixed tocopherols once daily.
Continue to eat ground raw seeds and nuts, extra magnesium and zinc
(for speedy healing) for a period of three weeks. Continue to take
digestive enzymes and probiotics. Also take 1000 mg MSM daily increasing
to 6000 mg. daily (increasing by 1000 mg. weekly until you reach 6000
mg.) and continue for at least three weeks. Take milk thistle for
liver support for three weeks.

So It's now less than 24 hours and I am feeling pretty good. Still a little pain when brushing or drinking cold fluids.

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