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Chicken Chili Soup Recipe

Simple to make spicy soup best served with 
fresh organic garlic bread.

1 Grass fed boneless skinless chicken breast - ground (1 cup ground chicken) Can be substutited with organic tofu or grass fed beef.

1 - 28 oz can of organic stewed tomatoes
1- 19 oz can of organic kidney beans drained and rinsed
2 cups of chopped fresh organic mushrooms (canned will do)
1 organic bell pepper chopped
1 organic fresh hot chili pepper chopped (optional)
1 small organic onion (diced fine)
1/2 jar of your favorite organic spaghetti sauce (I use roasted garlic and herb)
1 large clove organic garlic minced
2 tbs of Mountain Rose Chili Powder (see banner below)
2 tbs raw honey
28 oz filtered water
2 tbs organic olive oil
1 tsp Celtic salt

In a large pot fry the meat, onions and peppers in olive oil with 1 tbs chili powder. Once the meat is cooked add the canned tomatoes and chop the tomatoes up with the side of your soup spoon. Add all other ingredients in any order and simmer on low for 20 minutes.

Serve with a side of organic garlic bread.


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