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Reasons To Drink More Water | Are You Dehydrated?

We all know about the harmful effects of severe dehydration but did you know that even mild dehydration can cause illness and exacerbate existing medical conditions?

By the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. 
You want to avoid becoming thirsty in the first place.

Many people are unaware of their dehydration. 
You may not experience the typical symptoms of thirst yet still be dehydrated.

Do you suffer from:

A flushed face 
Dry, warm skin 
A general unwell feeling 
Reduced amounts of dark, yellow urine
Dizziness made worse when you are standing 
Cramping in the arms and legs 
Crying with few or no tears 
Tiredness and/or irritability 
Dry mouth, dry tongue or thick saliva 

If you have any of these symptoms, you could be dehydrated. 
These are the early signs of mild dehydration. 
Dehydration occurs when the body loses more water than it takes in.

At only 2% total fluid loss your body can react with any of the above symptoms.

If the dehydration is allowed to continue without re-hydration, when the total fluid loss reaches 5% the following effects of dehydration can be experienced:

Increased heart rate 
Increased respiration 
Tingling of the limbs 
Decreased sweating 

When the body reaches a severe dehydration level of only 10% fluid loss emergency help is needed as this can even be fatal. 

Some will experience:

Muscle spasms 
Racing pulse 
Shriveled skin with lack of firmness 
Lack of elasticity of the skin 
(when skin is pinched up it stays folded and takes a long time to go back to its normal position) 
Dim vision 
Sunken dry eyes, with few or no tears 
Low blood pressure 
Severe muscle contractions in the arms, legs, stomach, and back 
A bloated stomach 
heart failure 
Rapid and deep breathing - faster than normal 
Fast, weak pulse
Painful urination 
Difficulty breathing 
Chest and Abdominal pain 

In severe dehydration, effects become more pronounced and you may develop evidence of hypovolaemic shock, including: diminished consciousness, lack of urine output, cool moist extremities, a rapid and feeble pulse (the radial pulse may be undetectable), low or undetectable blood pressure, and peripheral cyanosis. Death follows soon if re-hydration is not started quickly.

The average person looses between two and three liters of water a day through the breathing, sweating, and urinating. This number can increase or decrease based on the types of activities that a person engages in. Heavy exercise can cause a body to loose more than 2 liters an hour!

To prevent dehydration you need to replenish the water which is lost throughout the day.

Everybody's water consumption needs are different, use this simple calculator to find out how much water you need daily to stay healthy

Juice, Sodas, tea and coffee won't cut it they contain sugar and caffeine. It's such a simple thing you can do for yourself to stay healthy. Drink clean filtered water, feel better, look younger and live longer.

I drink a lot of water. I have spent many hours researching the many options in water filtration and went through everything from the well known plastic Britta to full in-house systems costing thousands of dollars.

Finally, after looking through hundreds of overpriced gimmicky plastic containers, some containing rocks and sand more resembling a fish tank, I decided that the best and most practical product which provides the cleanest possible water was the Big Berkey, which I recently blogged about. Two years ago I bought myself and my husband the Big Berkey and have been enjoying healthy great tasting water every day since without having to buy new filters or have my water sitting in plastic jugs.

The unit is stainless steel and the filters are ceramic impregnated with active carbon and silver. This is not a glorified Britta. What makes the Big Berkey system so revolutionary is that it removes pathogenic bacteria, reduces harmful or unwanted organic chemicals and is so powerful, it is able to filter untreated raw pond, lake and river water.

The Berkey is portable and uses no plumbing or electricity so it is ideal in emergency situations and to take camping or in your RV or cottage.

The Unit has 4 large filters (elements) and each durable and efficient self-sterilizing element can be cleaned with a toothbrush or scrub pad and will last for 6,000 gallons (That's almost 23,000 Liters).

As I said, I purchased mine a few years ago. Recently a friend asked me where they could purchase a unit and what was the best price I could find.

Yesterday I finally found a site which ships internationally and not only offers a great price on the Big Berkey, but also allows you to chose a free gift. I don't mean some little junky gift...for free you can chose the additional set of arsenic filters ( normally $59) among many other options including a shower filter or a waterview spigot.

I Wish I had of found this place when I ordered mine. I paid a much higher price and didn't get any free offers. I am still happy with my purchase regardless.

With their great prices on the Berkey and free offers along with some fantastic pure glass water bottles (I've wanted these sleek bottle for a long time) I've decided to become an affiliate.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I will never sell something I don't fully believe in. I own one of these, I've found the best deal and if you purchase from my link, you too will get the great deals and I'll get a commission. It's all good.

I recommend for the best water:
Big Berkey with 4 elements

So let's have a drink to good deals and good health...
Heading to my Berkey now for a fresh glass of water.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you are considering purchasing a Berkey for yourself. 
Let me know what you think of your new Berkey.

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