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Gluten-free Organic Choux Pastry | Chocolate Raspberry Puffs Recipe

Organic Chocolate Raspberry Creamy Puffs
Gluten-free, dairy-free organic & delicious!

For the pastry ( 4 large or 6 small)
1 Cup water
1/4 Cup Organic butter (or organic buttery spread)
1 Cup Organic flour 
( I used oat flour for the ones pictured by grinding 1 Cup of organic oats in the coffee grinder)
3 grass fed eggs

In a medium Pot, bring the butter and water to a simmer then dump in the flour and rapidly whisk until all the dough pulls off the pot ( this takes about 30 seconds).

Let the dough cool slightly and beat in the eggs one at a time until fully incorporated. the dough should be glossy and elastic.

Pre-heat the oven to 350. On a greased cookie sheet drop the dough in 4 or 6 equal balls spacing them 4 inches apart as they will swell. when they are fully puffed up and golden turn off the oven and let them slowly cool down inside the oven, the longer the better, I usually leave them there for 45 minutes to an hour.

Prepare your filling, for these I used Fresh raspberry jam on the bottom and the dairy-free chocolate pudding Recipe here.

Dust the top lightly with cocoa powder and icing sugar and serve with fresh raspberries from the garden.

This pastry can be used with any savory or sweet filling.


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