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Chicken Officer?....Noooo...Kitten ;)

Have you always wanted to keep chickens but didn't have the space or your state/municipality has laws against “keeping fowl”? 

There may be a solution.

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Chickens make fun and interesting pets and can be kept as house pets…yes in the house.

Having your pet lay you breakfast every morning is the bonus treat with keeping pet chickens and if you choose the right breed they can be small and manageable enough to keep inside your home.

There are many breeds of chickens and some may be exempt from regulations as they can be considered exotic birds from those ludicrous fowl laws.

One such breed is the Silkie.

Silkies look more like a kitten or even resemble a fluffy slipper more than that of a chicken. They are considered to be extraordinary docile and friendly and are said to make fantastic pets. Silkies are said to do well in confinement, and interact very well with children.

But don’t let that baby blue beak and fluffy cloak fool you; the tiny silky chicken can still produce some great eggs. A silky hen weighs in at approximately 32 ounces and can lay approximately 100 creamy colored small to medium sized eggs each year. Hens are quiet and there is no need for a rooster around for your hens to contentedly lay their eggs.

How to keep an exotic bird as a house pet:

There are growing numbers of people who keep chickens as house pets and there are several groups dedicated to this. Here is one such group

People are realizing that chickens are wonderful animals, with quirky personalities; they realize there is no reason why a chicken can't be a pet, like a cat or a dog, or conventional pet birds such as parrots and cockatoos.

They are inexpensive, easy to care for, and even make you breakfast! WooHoo! A house chicken will need a roomy cage that they can easily move around in.

A rabbit hutch will work ideally for indoors. Each silky will require a minimum of 2’ square in their hutch along with regular daily exercise outside of their hutch. You can outfit the hutch with a low perch and a small box or basket for egg laying.

To keep the hutch clean it will need to be lined with non-aromatic wood shavings or other safe absorbent material. Just as any pet, they will need a food dish and water dish, something to hang on the side of the cage is best so they don't get knocked over.

Chicken diapers... wha???!!! Yup…Chicken diapers can let you enjoy your new pet and her quirky behaviors as she follows you around the house or cuddles in your lap and becomes a family member. Chicken diapers are easy to put on and remove and they work great at collecting droppings so it doesn't end up on your floor. They are very similar to those used by parrot owners, though of course, larger in size.

For walking a chicken…no I’m not crazy, I tell you…Chicken will walk on a leash and they enjoy it…as do the neighborhood children…A leash and a small cat harness is necessary. You can also purchase specialty leashes which connect directly to the chicken diaper.

For optimal health, your house chickens should be fed a diet consisting of a soy and corn free organic layers ration. You can mix your own once you start researching the topic. They also appreciate most food scraps and leftovers, salad greens, fruits, nuts and seeds are favorites, oatmeal and wild bird seed are great treats too.

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