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Easy Peas Pudding Recipe | Made With Chick Peas!

Chick Peas Pudding
In Newfoundland it is common to have peas pudding, made with yellow split peas, as a side with a cooked dinner.  However the soaking and boiling is time-consuming. I have created a cross between traditional peas-pudding and Hummus that is delicious served hot or cold with any dinner. And can even be used as a dip.


1 large can of organic chick peas
¼ small organic onion
1 clove garlic

Salt, pepper(lots) and grass fed butter to taste.

Simmer the chickpeas, onion and garlic until warm and all liquid has reduced. Throw the hot mixture into a blender or food processor with sea salt, pepper and a nice portion of butter and blend until smooth. Serve right away hot, re-warm in oven or serve cold as a dip or side-dish.

All done!

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