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It has taken me quite a while to get painting again.

Years ago i worked with acrylic paint but became allergic and have been dabbling in creating a “natural” paint which does not cause me any reactions. I think I finally have a good recipe using organic olive oil and some pigments but using a technique much like watercolors.

~ Enjoy ~

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  1. Love the colors you have come up with. Leslie Richards has a blog and has found some too. I color.

  2. Hi --Just learned about your blog through Susie. Love your paintings and think its awesome you're developing a recipe for non-toxic paint! It is tough to lose passions and hobbies due to toxic materials.

    I'm a Canary too, became one when I got ME/CFS. I don't have chickens, but Susie's joy at your love for chickens too is bursting through the FB screen.

    Glad to have found ya. Kerry

  3. Thanks you two! When I get it down pat I'll post the recipe, right now it's a little oily and if you are not careful you can saturate the paper and it will become translucent.

  4. wonderful paintings! wow!
    may I ask what kind of pigment you use (and what protection when mixing?). before bad MCS I also used acrylic and although I have switched to watercolour and enjoy it, I miss the vivid opaque colours of acrylics. some of the colours you have gotten here are so rich and I love them!

  5. Hi Liberty, I used certified toxin free earth pigment cosmetic grade from Canary Cosmetics : Along with Turmeric, Beet Powder and powdered organic food colorings from Natures Flavors:

    I never used any protection but if I were mixing large batches of any powders I would probably wear a mask.

  6. wow - that's even more awesome! I love that you could do such wonderful paintings with such safe ingredients :) thanks for being inspiring :)

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  8. All I did was dry brush the pigments on the paper then wet blended with an oiled brush. The organic olive oil was a little dark so next time I will try organic sunflower oil. You have to be very light with the oil or it will make the paper translucent but oil makes the pigment very rich. I have been working on a very great paint that is much like the texture of acrylic but I can only seem to get it to work in pale colors. I will try and post the recipe once I perfect it but essentially it is corn starch, gelatin, baking soda and pigment. You can also make your own cake watercolors by mixing gum arabic, glycerin, honey and pigment, the first two ingredients are available through Mountain Rose Herbs.

  9. thank you for those details! I'm looking forward to the recipe you mentioned if/when it works out for you to post :)


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