My Favorite Organic Cosmetics

Could You Live Without These Things?

A few questions to ask yourself

Could you live without:
Your favorite household cleaners?
Dryer Sheets?
Your favorite skin care and cosmetics?
Plastic bottles?
Synthetic pesticides?
Your favorite perfume?
These things all have alternatives and can be replaced.
Can you live with:
An organic multi-purpose cleaner such as Dr. Bronners?
Reusable dryer sheets or a dryer ball?
Organic skin care and cosmetics such as Organic Wear or Miessence?
Glass bottles?
Alternative garden care such as hand pulling weeds and soap spray?
Organic pure essential oils from flowers and fruit?

I want you to think hard about the next question

But first, watch this eye-opening documentary now before you offer your answer. This video offers just one of the many problems that can happen from using our every day products.

Now I ask you
Can you live without:
Breathing clean air?
Drinking clean water?
Ladies, can you live without men? 
Ok, seriously now, think about it in reality.
Men, can you live without your sperm? 
How about your testosterone or your testicles?
Your Children?
What would be the replacements to the above? There are no replacements.

This is a serious issue facing all of us and we can all make a difference. We have to make some changes now, if not, what will happen in the future? Changes are happening now from the daily decisions we are making, negative changes.

Let’s all pull together and choose positive changes. 
Change is good.

When purchasing products, read the ingredients, choose organic products, choose to be healthy, choose to live on and make your children and future generations proud that they came from a family that made the right choices to protect their health and the environment.

Simple changes will live on.

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