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Beautiful Nails: Naturally

For years I had awful nails

They were yellow and thin, would peel, bend, split not to mention hangnails and ragged cuticles. I cut them, soaked them, and polished them and still…Ugly nails.

Until Now

Nail polish is really not attractive, for some reason, it seems when I see someone with polish, I think of how horrible their nails must be to have to cover them with unnatural colors...Eww.

Not to mention all of the toxins in nail polish and removers. Many of which actually destroy the nails, yellow them and harm the delicate cuticle skin. Ick.

Eating a healthy diet of organic foods and getting sufficient vitamins and minerals will help you have healthy nails. There are also some great natural treatments to help you have beautiful, clean and shiny nails without all the gunky polish.

Wash your hands with a good moisturizing facial soap.

Exfoliate your hands and clean nails with a natural nail brush.

Nightly, after washing your hands, rub a liberal amount of organic olive oil into your hands and nails.

Use a nail buffer to shape and polish nails, These are amazing, after using the polishing buffer your nails will look like they have a fresh coat of clear polish without any chemicals.

For extreme cuticle care, massage some Dr. Bronner’s body balm into each nail bed. This softens the hands and cuticles and reduces hang-nails.

It’s that simple, take care of your health and your hands with organic products and you will have beautiful fresh clean healthy nails.

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