2 Ingredient No-Bake Date Squares (Now with Video!)

Only 2 simple ingredients and a in a few minutes you can have delicious organic date squares. 
(Great Energy Bars!)

Organic medjool dates 
(if dates are not soft and caramely then soak overnight in just enough filtered water to cover)
 Tropical Traditions organic oats 

Pulsate water and dates in a food processor until a thick smooth paste forms, use a little more water if necessary.  It should be the consistency of a thick jam.  Add the oats, pulsate until blended, press into the bottom of a glass pan to about 1/2" thickness and chill.
Once chilled and firm, cut and serve.


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Thanks for the giveaway!

Wow, that recipe certainly looks easy & nutritious too. Think I could make that.
Rafflecopter name is Julie G.

Date Squares!! mmmmm. Have you ever tried them with rhubarb that has been thickened to make a filling. Can't keep them in the house!

Thanks for this giveaway! Love Tropical Traditions!

I love TT coconut oil; coconut oil is the only oil I feel comfortable cooking with!
Thanks from karmakaytlyn@yahoo.com!

Those bars look really good and super adaptable- I'd add some rough chopped almonds and carob chips!

Would love to try these oats and thanks for the recipe.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

I love oatmeal.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for the giveaway! So many great things I could make with this!

Wow, healthy oatmeal!! Best food in the world= baked oatmeal. :)

Wow, love this recipe! Simple and organic!

What a simple but great recipe! Will have to try it. Thanks for the giveaway. Big Tropical Traditions fan here!

Love Medjool dates and coming from Scotland how can I not like oats! Great recipe - simple, organic and delicious. Best Wishes, Pavlovafowl aka Sue

Thanks for the giveaway :)

Thanks and come and see my giveaways!

sounds so easy. i can't believe you don't need to soak. have to try

I'd love to use these to make my homemade power balls

recipe looks delicious!
radeeolover at yahoo dot com

Yummy!! I really hope to win.

Excited to make granola!

Thank You for the giveaway, would like to try this product!

Very healthy and yummy. Thanks for such a quick break fast bar recipe!

Wonderful! Do you think it works the same with dried figs. I love them so much!

Be sure to soak the figs overnight and it should work just fine :)

I can't make out the cup and I have no speakers. Could someone please tell me the measurements of the two ingredients? Thanks in advance!

I love this recipe! I bought 5 lbs. of dates and needed a good recipe to use some of them up, and have found it! Great video! You do a great job on those videos and it helps to see what you actually do for each step. This is easy, even I can do this! Thank you!!

Wonderful! I'm glad you enjoyed the video Nancy :)

Ok well, that was easy. I thought I would have to put something in the oven or on the stove at some stage. This can be easily done with kids. They'll enjoy pressing the mixture into a dish. Should be sweet and low calorie.

Very healthy and yummy. Thanks for such a quick break fast bar recipe!


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