Teflon-free Rice Cooker - WOW!

I'm one of those few people who can cook rice on the stovetop perfectly every time - okay well almost every time. :) My mother however, cooks pots of mush and has been looking for a safe rice cooker for some time. Many rice cookers contain toxic non-stick coatings not fit for birds or beast. It's a miracle! There is now a completely teflon-free rice cooker available so no nasties will be getting into your food.

Miracle Exclussives ME81 Stainless Steel Rice Cooker / Steamer

Product Features

Stainless Steel (grade 304) cooking bowl
Stainless Steel vegetable steamer tray - Measuring cup and rice paddle included
Glass Lid allows you to view the rice while cooking
No "Teflon ®" nor other non-stick surface materials
Automatic Cook to Warm Mode


One of the modern marvels - no more watching and waiting for the rice to become perfectly cooked! The ME81 replaces the former model ME8 with new improvements like the all stainless steel bowl and vegetable steamer. All automatic, the stainless steel rice cooker includes a warm mode which automatically kicks in to keep the rice warm. This model will cook 8 cups of rice and yields 12 cups of cooked rice. With the addition of all stainless steel, none of your food ever comes in contact with any chemical or substance (like teflon on some others). Comes featured with indicator lights, different cooking modes and includes a stainless steel vegetable steamer tray. 1 Year Warranty. BUY NOW


Hi, I'm searching for a Teflon free(of course) BPA free Toaster Oven, does anyone know of a confirmed Teflon free one, PLEASE?



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